Friday, July 13, 2012

One More Week

Today is our last Friday here in Ghana, which is very weird to say!

A quick update on the past week-

We started VBS, which has been CRAZY! The language barrier with these children makes it very difficult. They also don't really like to listen, no matter what we try. But today is our last and most important day. We will share the gospel. We are going to try something new and break the kids into three small groups. Each of us will present the Gospel and pray the Holy Spirit leads! Hopefully He also closes their mouths and opens their ears as well :) haha

We tie-dyed shirts with Lisa and Angela, and it was an absolute blast! The kids loved it.

We went to City of Refuge yesterday and hung out with the kids and volunteers. While we were there, John Bull brought home four children to the safe house! One of the kids was covered in scratches, and John said that he was bloody when they found him. Praise God they are now safe in a new home! The volunteers began putting together beds and cleaning the safe house. So exciting to see the work the Lord is doing!

I found out a lot of things about adoption in Togo that have me thinking. The government only allows a few adoptions a year, and prospective parents cannot choose a child but instead are matched. The prospective parent must also live in Togo with the child for a year. Definitely difficult, but I pray people's hearts will be open to God's call there. I even pray that adoption from there could be in the cards for me one day. I also pray for John's work there. He is working with the government there to make adoption better for everyone.

There are many volunteers and family coming in and out this week. Lisa and Angela are leaving on Monday, while two adoptive families and a friend of FTO are coming on Saturday and Sunday nights. Then Olivia and I will be headed to America on Wednesday.

Prayer requests:
Olivia and I as we say goodbye to the children and as we travel
Families for the children
God to open doors and hearts to answer his call to care for people around the world

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