Monday, August 6, 2012


Today, I am home to stay for a week before I go back to school.

Today, I have a to do list a mile long.

Today, my heart is aching for a girl I feel God is calling me to love my whole life who is is Ghana.

Today, I feel like smiling at people as I walk by is a little too much to ask for.

Today, I am called to show God's love, when it feels hard to even get out of the apartment.

Today, I feel like if I have one more thing to do before school starts I might explode.

Today, my emotions have run out.

So today, I will sit around. Not take a shower. Put off my to do list for a day. I will rest in God's love as He pours love into my heart so I can show others. Today, I may not be productive. But today, I will imitate the perfect God who rested on the 7th day. Please excuse me while I take 2 or 3 "seventh days".