Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet the Kids!

These children have already captured my heart, so I want you to meet them! I will try every week to introduce you to two or three children. They will all be from the GMI Orphanage in Teshi, Ghana, unless otherwise noted! Some have families, and some do not, so please join me in praying for them all!

Moses is around 2, and this little face says it all. He doesn't know a lot of English, but he has definitely figured out the word Mommy. He loves to sleep, talk to the other kids, and play with water bottles. He is so cuddly!

This is Emanuel, Ema for short. He is pretty quiet, but he loves to sit in Olivia's lap and play with her watch.  He is soooo skinny, but he loves to eat our food when we can't finish it! His smile always makes me smile.

Oh, Miguwah! She is so precious. Her and Hillary are buddies. Miguwah is a diva in the best possible way. She loves to be held and to laugh. Anything can make her laugh if she is in the mood to. She is always wearing pillowcase dresses, and her droopy eyes are so cute. She loves giving kisses.

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