Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ghana Update

Hello! Or as Ghanaians say it, “hallo!”  We have been in Ghana for three full days, and I am already in love.  The second we came in the door, all the children ran and covered us with hugs and kisses.  The teenagers and adults are all so friendly and welcoming as well!  There is no shortage of love and kisses here.
The orphanage has a courtyard around it.  My favorite thing we have done so far is sit in a chair in the orphanage courtyard with one or two children in my lap, with girls braiding my hair better than any American (although it hurts, and we have to tell them “We have white hair!”), and two or three kids around saying “Mommy see, mommy see!” We are all mommys here.  We tried to tell them to call us Aunties, but that did not last long.  Anyone who sits and loves on them is a mommy.  I can’t say I don’t like it.
We went to the beach yesterday. Oh my…the men here love them some white women.  The guys with the orphanage are so awesome, though.  They were on the look out for the creepers and let us take care of it, unless we couldn’t then they would let them have it.  Us girls also learned that the Jenna Marbles face works wonders to scaring guys away…haha if you haven’t seen that video don’t go look, because it is inappropriate, but so funny! Hahaha
Something God has opened my eyes to is what an orphan actually is.  Someone who is an orphan is not just sad because they don’t have parents, but also because they aren’t chosen.  These children see families come and go taking the other children, meanwhile they are still here feeling rejected.  I asked Deejanu if she talked to God.  I asked her what she talked to him about.  She looked up at me and said, “I ask for a mommy and daddy.” Oh, my heart.  I prayed with her, and I am praying for all these children.  Please join me. The Lord has a plan for their lives.  I pray that it includes a loving mommy and daddy.  I am so blessed that I get to fill the role as mommy for a few months in their lives, but I am also sad to know that is not enough.


This is  my afternoon haha love it
Sweet Ema, so quiet and loving


  1. So precious! Thank you all for what you're doing, you know it's going to impact those sweet kids. Praying with you!

  2. Anna my heart just breaks!! I'm so glad you are there and letting the Lord use you to love these kids!! He isbalways faithful! I love you and miss you!!