Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My plan for my life was...

Go to college in some glamorous career
Move to the big city (cough cough Chicago) and live on my own or with a few girl friends
Get married around the age of 24
Have kids at about 28...or later
Move to awesome suburb
Live an awesome life with my awesome husband and two kids while working

Instead plans have changed  (and will probably keep changing)

Go to college to be a children's minister
Spend summer being mommy to precious orphans in Ghana
Marry Chris at age of 20
Hopefully adopt our sweet baby girl at the age of 23, if we can wait that long
Have/adopt more kids much later
All while living in Campbellsville
Work at a church or at a nonprofit that benefits orphans
Live an awesome life glorifying God with my super awesome husband and 5 kids, some of which would be Ghanaian babies :)

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