Friday, April 6, 2012

Only gonna get get what you give away...give love

Ghana is in 38 days!

I cannot tell you how excited I am. But after spending five minutes with me and realizing that is all I will talk about, you'll probably figure it out :)

Olivia, Hillary, and I are going to be staying in an orphanage for two months, loving on kids.  Oh, Jesus, I am so happy. These kids need love, and the Lord has been filling my heart with His love my whole life, and especially speaking love over me this last year.  I believe it has been in specific preparation for this trip.

Today, I got a yellow fever shot...ugh...and bought seven skirts.  I cannot wait.  I just can't!

Here are some things that we could use prayer for:
1.  Most importantly, that we would emotionally connect with the children, and have many opportunities to talk about Jesus with them.
2.  Raising the rest of our funds.  The very last bit is due when we get there.
3.  That the Lord would continue to prepare our hearts in whatever ways they need it.
4.  That we could let go of any anxiety.
     (Wanna know what I am most afraid of?  Being away from my family and Chris will be brutal, of course, but I am most scared about having to eat different food, especially fish.  I guess I should be happy that's the most pressing matter!)

Thanks for your prayers! :)

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